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Reputed Designer Handbags Supplier in India

We, at Leatherman Fashion, are one of the leading suppliers of designer handbags in India and have been in the industry for over 45 years. Designer handbags are quite in fashion right now, and the products we offer are ranked among the best in the country. With experience comes perfection, and with the number of years behind us, you can rely upon the quality of our designer handbags with your eyes closed.


As our customers will willingly testify, we take our work very seriously. We are entirely committed to ensuring that we deliver to what you expect from us, and exceed it. There are no stones left unturned in making sure that we are successful in this endeavour. The process starts with the expert craftsmanship of the dedicated group of technicians who work their magic in coming up with the best designer handbags in India. Being among the best handbags that anyone can lay their eyes on, second and third looks are guaranteed with the bags that we make.

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Quality Designer Handbags


These designer handbags are sure to become your most favoured accessory, and you will find it hard to leave home without it. We make certain that we use the most modern and top-of-the-line technology in the manufacturing process, and the results are exquisite. The factory floor where the manufacturing takes place is a sprawling one, with the capacity to produce 10,000 designer handbags, each unique from the other. We are not ones to turn a blind eye to the quality of our products despite the impressive quantity that we produce.

The designs, colours and textures of our designer handbags have let us expand our markets to international markets, including those in Germany, South Africa, Japan, Italy, Holland and the UK. We are always on the lookout to keep our markets growing, but not at the expense of the high standards that we have set for ourselves since we started off in 1972. ‘Quality’ is the keyword for us, and no matter which market we are catering to, there has never been, nor will there ever be any compromise on that front.

With countless customers who have been satisfied with our products over the years, we are on a journey to keep on delivering as one of the top designer handbags supplier in India. Our commitment to ensuring quality is steadfast and we never shy away from going the extra distance to make sure that we can guarantee it.

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Why Us

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We have a factory area of around 20,000ft which is having in-house production with all new modern machineries and equipments. The entire factory set up along with the workers enable us to give production of (40,000 to 50,000 pieces approx) small leather goods and 10,000 pcs of ladies bags, all on a par with the best, latest and fashionable designs.

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Apart from manufacturing the accessories of conventional designs and styles, we also manufacture Hand Painted (Shantiniketan) Batik Bags and wallets in an extremely wide range. Our credibility has enabled us to export in wide range to countries like Spain, Poland, Japan, South Africa, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, U.K and other European countries. Though we are always looking forward to expand our reach to more markets and brands across the globe.

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The quality & uniqueness of our work has captured the attention of an impressive range. We believe in providing magnificent satisfaction with our creativity & innovations. We’re passionate & enthusiastic about our craftsmanship.Each products are designed in accordance with latest trends & fashion which will add suave look to your personality.The company is supported by more than 500 dedicated workers at the factory.

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Every department has experts to supervise each stage of production. We work in diverse varieties of leather such as cow, buff, goat, sheep, deer & printed ones. We source our leather from top tanneries in Kolkata, Chennai and often we import from Italy to create an extensive collections of superior leather.Each of our product is checked by our in-house quality management team as well as tested at different renowned laboratories before proceeding to final production.Hence, our products are eco-friendly & embellish enough to meet the requirement of European & International market. We also cater to customized packing as per specification of clients

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