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Suede leather

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What is suede leather?

Among all the variations of leather, Suede leather comes with a unique look and feel that makes it one of the highly sought-after options in the domain of leather products. It features a fuzzy underside and a soft appearance, and the construction of this leather involves the technique of turning the leather upside-down to ensure that the fuzzy side comes up to the facing side. Usually, the hides of sheep, goats, deer, as well as calves are the most common raw material for the construction of this form of leather. The best part about this type of leather is its napped feeling.

Green Suede leather Sling nr8 front (leathermanfashion)
Green Suede leather Sling Bag

What can be the quality standing of this type of leather?

Generally, suede leather is considered a top class product, however, as it is softer and thinner, Suede products stand more vulnerable to catch damages. At the same time, this type of leather is appreciated for its exception softness as well as high pliability. Now, it is the animal that gives the hide for this form of leather that majorly determines the quality of suede. For example, if the hide is coming from older cows, it is for sure that the quality of the suede will not be of the desired quality.

Leather Bags, Genuine Leather Fringes Orange Handbag-nr7 front (leathermanfashion)
Suede Leather Bags

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The weather, at which is the leather is getting split as well as the process of tanning involved, are major factors to determine the quality of the output. If  leather is to be made tougher, usually, it is left intact in the full grain form. This will also enhance the durability of the leather as well. However, doing so, the pliability of the leather drops down in turn. The best grade suede are the ones that feature split and suppleness. Usually, items made with this grade of suede will cost the most, and there are good reasons to invest in such products.

Green Leather Hobo For Girls-2009-front
Green Suede Leather Hobo

What are the key advantages and the disadvantage available with the Suede leather?

Suede leather offers a plethora of advantage over other forms of leather as well as with other materials. In this regard, the major differences are in terms of the look of this type of leather as well as the feeling that it offers. As the basic raw material is that of original animal hide, these items are usually durable and it offers a unique and exclusive nap feeling that you will hardly get in items made with other forms of leather. Now, coming to the downsides, the advantages of this form of leather, turns into the downsides. For example, the softness and thinness of this leather are the most vulnerable point. In addition, the nap tends to catch dirt, dust and oil that makes it further prone to catch a damage.


Authentic suede is considered one of the best raw materials for producing the best quality leather products, used across the daily walk of life. But, you need to ensure that you are handling these items well, and not delving into activities that will enhance the chances of catching the damages.

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